Smart Cloud Storage

Smart Cloud Storage

Storage space for smartphones is expensive. Cloud storage, on the other hand, is not. You can buy 1TB for 10$/month on Google Drive for example. Smart Cloud Storage (SCS) is an application developed to automate file management on your phone.

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SCS is capable of doing the following:

  1. When first installed on your phone, you can select which folders SCS should watch.
  2. SCS will back up the files in your chosen folders to your Google Drive.
  3. As soon as the amount of free storage space on your phone falls below a user-defined "free storage threshold", SCS will alert you. In this alert you can find suggestions as to which files would be most effective to outsource to Google Drive.
  4. Only the content of the outsourced files is deleted on your phone, not the file itself. So you can still try to open them. SCS notices this and downloads your files whenever you need them.
  5. A /Drop folder can be used to transfer files easily from any desktop to your phone, making MTP obsolete.

During your use the application will upload statistical data of the files it watches (path, file size, observed action (rename, delete, open, modify, move) and time of action). This is intended to help the application learn how users use their files. A UUID is used to identify the user, so apart from file names, no personal data is collected. The statistics upload can be turned off, of course.

My name is Marco Studer. This application was created within the context of a semester thesis at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich).